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When making challenging

decisions about your family ...

Connect with Around the Clock 24/7 Homecare where we
treat your loved ones just like family.

Around the Clock Non-medical Homecare Services is your family's answer for personalized companion care and nonmedical assistance in the comfort of your home. We value the importance of compassion, dignity, and respect for your families across all stages of life.


Whether you are concerned about a parent, grandparent, loved one who is no longer able to properly care for themselves, an adult or child with special needs or a new parent in need of a little help around the house. Around the Clock non-medical home care can provide you with in-home care just like your family would do with our signature 5 Star System of Care.


Our 5 Star System of Care is comprised of our core values. It is our signature guarantee of treatment that you and your loved ones will receive through our companion care. The 5 Stars are Quality, Advocate, Reliable, Trustworthy, Compassionate.




Elderly CARE


As a non-medical alternative, we offer home care services providing Certified Nurse Assistants, companion, and sitter services to assist older adults with personal care. Our at-home companion care assists with a wide range of services to ensure there is someone experienced and loving to care for your family member.

Elderly Care
Disabled Assistance CARE

Disability homecare offers a broader range of activities, mobility, and independence for disabled adult children, those with temporary disabilities, special needs or disabled American veterans. Disability assistance can come in the form of in-home care services to maintain a balanced and safe lifestyle.

New Moms CARE


Companion care can also be a great relief to new moms who find themselves struggling to keep their homes clean and comfortable. We offer those individuals who are in need of a continuum of care, another set of hands or additional support; as they are adjusting to the new addition to the family.

"It's our commitment to take care of every family member during challenging times. "


"In the short time you knew my dad, I could tell he had a real affinity to you and always looked forward to seeing you. You have been so much more than the owner of Around the Clock. You've been a friend, lending support, and love during a difficult time." 

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