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Betty grew up in a loving home with her parents, she never imagined the day she would be taking care of the woman who took care of her. Over the course of time, Betty and her husband, Elgin, knew it was time for them to find additional support for her mother.


After an extensive search in adult daycare centers and nursing home facilities, she was left unsatisfied with their services and professionalism. Overwhelmed with the responsibility and the great need to find support for her mother, Betty began to think of different options while researching numerous facilities. Through her extensive search, she realized other families were in the same predicament. It was in that moment she decided to start Around the Clock Non-medical Homecare Services. Betty knew her business was motivated by her mother so she committed to offering the same care she provided for her own mother.


Betty was intentional about providing a solution for other families who were going through the same struggles of finding affordable quality non-medical services with stellar professionalism, and heartfelt care. To set her business apart from the rest, she created the 5 Star Care System catering to both the needs of the loved one and the family caregiver. This system is the core values of Around the Clock Non-medical Homecare Services setting the precedence of client, family and employee expectations.

"I would never send someone to your home that I would not want to send to mine to care for my mother," says Betty. 
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